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In-Ground or Portable Hoop?

The ability to move an object is great, until you don’t want an object that moves. A question faced by many when choosing a home hoop system is; fixed in-ground or portable?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put a portable basketball hoop in the ground?

No. Portable basketball systems are not suitable for in-ground installation.

Can you dunk on a portable basketball hoop?

It’s very tempting to dunk your home basketball hoop. Before you do, it is essential to check that your manufacturer permits dunking on your portable basketball hoop. Most portables are not designed to withstand dunking or hanging on the rim (even the largest of portable hoop systems). If you want the option of dunking at home, then fixed in-ground basketball hoops are much safer and provide a far better user experience. 

Each time a portable hoop system is used, it’s critical to check the base is fully weighted in accordance with your manufacturer’s guidelines. In most cases, portable basketball hoops require the base to be filled with sand, water, or a combination of both. Over time, the water can be prone to evaporating. It is the owner’s responsibility to re-fill the base as necessary before use. 

Sport Court Tip: Add Base Gel to the water in your basketball hoop base to create a firm and weather-stable gel that prevents your base from cracking in the winter. The base gel also reduces water-loss from evaporation while adding a little extra stability to the base.

What are the best portable basketball hoops?

When selecting a portable basketball system, we recommend that you pay attention to the following details:

Basketball backboard size?

An NBA backboard measures 72 inches wide by 42 inches high. We recommend portable hoop systems with a minimum 60 inch backboard width. Sub £500 basketball hoops typically feature backboards ranging between 44 inches 54 inches wide, which is significantly smaller than our minimum recommendation.

While entry-level basketball hoops are an option for small children, they do not offer a realistic playing experience. Our shop products have been carefully selected to offer you the best mix of quality, features and performance in the mid and premium price ranges. These systems will grow with you and in some cases, last a lifetime.

What is the best Basketball backboard material?

Tempered glass offers the best performance in a basketball backboard. It’s heavy, dense and scratch resistant, which provides for the best overall playing experience. Only the higher-end portable basketball systems feature tempered glass backboards which require a much larger base to counter-lever the weight of the glass.

Tempered glass provides a true rebound response which means the user is able to make layups and bank shots with greater precision. Additionally, tempered glass is far easier to keep clean, unlike other materials which tend to warp or attract mould after being exposed to the uk weather. Cheap basketball hoops use plastic and acrylic glass backboards primarily to reduce cost and weight.

Do I need an offset on my basketball hoop?

“Offset” relates to the distance between the backboard and the support pole it’s attached to. If you opt for a basketball hoop system with no offset, or a very minimal offset, then you will most likely collide with the hoop system base when performing lay-ups and rebounds (not ideal).

The Mega Slam Hoops 72 inch premium home basketball goal feature an overhang of 4 feet. The Mega Slam 60 in-ground basketball hoop offers a 3 foot overhang. Even the higher-end portable hoops have less overhang, which is no problem if you’re focusing on longer range shooting. For those looking to play competitive basketball at home, we recommend at least a 3 feet overhang.

What makes a good basketball rim?

A regulation basketball rim is 18 inches in diameters. This should be the same for most portable basketball systems, however, not all rims are made equal.

Standard Rims:

A standard basketball rim is typically screwed into or bolted through the backboard. While this provides stability, it also results in a “longer” rebound off the board, which is what can cause “shot” balls to deflect off the rim more frequently. Dunking is off the table when your rim is attached to the backboard as the force transmission can result in breakage and potentially, injury.

Breakaway Basketball Rims:

We recommend breakaway basketball rims over standard rims. With breakaway rims, the hoop is suspended on compression springs that dampen the bounce of your shots. Breakaway rims are critical if you want to dunk a basketball hoop. Our premium basketball hoops feature 180 degree pro rims that provide spring compression in every direction, just like the NBA stadium basketball systems.

Support Pole:

Portable basketball hoops all require a support pole connecting the backboard and rim to the base. This component contributes to the overall stability of the portable basketball system (the more stable, the better the overall playing experience). Entry-level systems usually feature very lightweight support poles, which are prone to flexing when you strike the hoop with a ball. More expensive portable systems like the Spalding NBA Beast typically offer larger support poles for excellent stability during play as well as adding height adjustment between 7.5 and 10 feet.

Adjustable basketball hoops allow kids to develop gradually (they’re also more fun for mum and dad at times). The quality of height adjustment systems varies greatly, so be sure to seek advice from someone who’s used the product you’re considering buying. Entry-level systems sometimes feature telescopic adjustable poles (i.e. a pin system), which can be dangerous if operated without an adult present. At Sport Court UK, we solely offer actuator height adjustment (or “screw-jack” mechanisms), that are safe for children to operate.

Sport Court Tip: Look for portable basketball hoop system support poles that are at least 100 x 100 mm in width or diameter.

Mega Slam fixed in-ground basketball hoops offer height adjustment between 5.5 and 10 feet, which is even better for very small children.

Portable basketball hoop base:

There are two important considerations when evaluating the base of a portable basketball hoop. Firstly, it is the overall volume of the base that dictates how stable the portable basketball hoop will be in operation. Secondly, make sure that you’ve measured your playing area as portable basketball hoops can take up a lot of space! The Spalding NBA Beast requires a minimum of 6 feet clearance from the blackboard position to the rear of the unit.

Sport Court Tip: The Mega Slam 60 inch premium fixed in-ground system, with 3ft overhang, only requires 4 ft clearance to install, making them easier to accommodate.

Moving a portable system:

The typical capacity of a beginner basketball hoop is 25-30 gallons. Their lightweight backboards allow for a smaller base unit, but as already discussed, there’s a trade-off between backboard size and user experience. Full size portable basketball hoops can require over 50 gallons of water to stabilise, which in turn makes the system heavier to move.

The base sometimes comes with transport wheels, to enable the system to be moved by an adult. It’s also worth noting that full size portable basketball hoops are too large to store in the garage (without partial dismantling). In most cases portable basketball hoops require dismantling if your journey passes through gated fences, access paths or garages.

Where should I put my basketball hoop?

Portable basketball systems are ideal for the driveway or any garden patio. If you’re looking to build a home basketball court (as more and more people are), then we recommend a fixed in-ground basketball hoop.

Are portable basketball hoops safe?

When using a portable basketball system, you must be sure to check the base unit before use. The base unit is typically filled with sand, water or both. If your base is filled with water, then you may find that the water evaporates over time. This could result in damage or injury should the front loading (i.e. support pole, backboard and rim) exceed the base unit weight.

How much does it cost to put a basketball hoop in the ground?

While installation is quite straightforward for those with practical experience, it is critical to follow the installation procedures accurately. If you are unsure of installing the basketball hoop yourself then you can request an installation quote from Sport Court UK. On average, we charge £750.00 for installation of a premium in-ground basketball hoop system.

Alternatively, any competent Landscaper, General Builder, Brick-layer, Groundworker or similar would be able to follow the installation procedure.

Do you have a specific question about portable vs in-ground hoop systems? We’re here to help. Contact us via email at info@sportcourt.uk or telephone on 01962 809206.

Before You Buy A Portable Basketball Hoop
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