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Which is the best Home Basketball System?

When you’re looking for a high-end, in-ground basketball hoop system the choice can be somewhat limited in the UK. Consumers want the best outdoor hoops at the best possible prices. The UK market is saturated with junior hoops and weaker systems which can’t cope with grown ups. Step up Mega Slam Hoops and Goalrilla.

System Safety

Every Mega Slam and the higher-end Goalrillas are super strong hoop systems. Mega Slam actively promote dunking and hanging on all of their systems. A still from a promotional video shows the weight of 3 men on 1 hoop (note – we recommend hanging solo on your hoop!). Both systems are installed with heavy duty anchors.

Mega Slam Hoops vs Goalrilla - Heavy duty hoops

Unlike most Goalrilla hoops, no bolts pass through the glass on Mega Slam systems, preventing play-related glass breaks when dunking or hanging. in fact, Mega Slam offer a lifetime warranty against play-related breakages. 

The 180 degree break-away rims on Mega Slams feature a recessed Hideaway Net® attachment to protect your hands and fingers (and even teeth) from getting caught when dunking or hanging.

Best Basketball Hoop Design

Mega Slam goals feature the strongest gauge steel in the manufacturing of their systems, making them extremely solid pieces of equipment (even withstanding hurricanes!). However, this extra steel does make them heavier, so you will need at least 3 strong people for installation. Steel is hot-dip galvanised for 10-15 x thicker corrosion protection and finished with a thick powder-coat.

The greatest range of height adjustment available on the market means kids of all ages can actually shoot hoops. The system adjusts with an easy rotating handle which can be removed.

Goalrilla have been in the basketball hoop business for 25 years so they should have a lot of experience when it comes to making basketball hoop system for your home. They do offer a wider range of hoop systems and the design does vary depending on your price point.

Sport Court UK - MegaSlam Hoops Game Light

Goalrilla basketball systems use a weaker gauge steel across their range and Xylan coating for the pole and arms for corrosion protection. Xylan is most commonly used to reduce friction, improve wear resistance, and for non-stick items likes cookware. Most Goalrilla systems feature weaker arm support systems, welded to the front of the upright, rather than drilled through the pole like the Mega Slams.

In ground Goalrilla hoops are all adjustable but have a smaller range of just 7.5’ft to 10’ft. The system adjusts via a rotating handle which can be removed similar to the Mega Slam. The handle however, is mounted facing down and this makes it a little harder to use. 

Some Goalrilla in-ground basketball hoops feature a flexible rim option which will only hinge vertically when dunking. Depending on the model chosen, there are two thicknesses of tempered glass backboards: 3/8’ inch for most models or 1/2’ inch for the premium version. The premium options offer the clear view backboard, otherwise a H style mounting which isn’t as pleasing to the eye.

How much do Mega Slam and Goarillas Cost?

Mega Slam Hoops UK offer two options the 72 model and 60 model, the US do offer a 54 version which isn’t yet available in the UK. Mega Slam include a lifetime warranty on the system and No-Break Backboard Protection, which means they will replace the backboard if broken due to game play.

Goalrilla basketball goals feature a wide range of different basketball hoop systems in the UK and it really depends on your budget but for this comparison we will look at the CV DC models. Goalrilla have a lifetime warranty on their systems but not for dunking or hanging.

Mega Slam 60

£ 1999
  • 60" Backboard
  • 1/2" Tempered Glass
  • 3' Overhang
  • 10' - 5' Height Adjustment

Goalrilla CV60s

£ 2199
  • 60" Backboard
  • 3/8" Tempered Glass
  • 3' Overhang
  • 10' - 7.5' Height Adjustment

Mega Slam 72

£ 2499
  • 72" Backboard
  • 1/2" Tempered Glass
  • 4' Overhang
  • 10' - 5' Height Adjustment

Goalrilla DC72E1

£ 3199
  • 60" Backboard
  • 1/2" Tempered Glass
  • 4' Overhang
  • 10' - 7.5' Height Adjustment
Mega Slam Hoops at Sport Court UK

Sport Court UK proudly present the ultimate home basketball hoop. Made for pros of all sizes and built to slam. Mega Slam Hoops are hands down the best height adjustable basketball hoop systems available in the UK.

Mega Slam Hoops Basketball Hoop Systems - Sport Court UK
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