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Four Seasons in One Hoop

Every Mega Slam Hoop is ready for the rigours of the good old British weather. Hot-dipped galvanized steel and stainless steel hardware sees the Mega Slams through all seasons. Before you buy a cheap portable hoop which will only last a year or two in the UK weather, consider a mighty Mega Slam.

Hot Dip Galvanization

We know it might sound a little odd to say that Mega Slam steel is Hot-Dipped, but the process is critical. Hot dipping steel during the galvanization ensures a 10-15 times thicker rust-protection coating than the methods other manufacturer’s use. It provides a superb seal which deters rain, snow or the occasional spell of blistering sunshine.

Powder-Coat Finish

After the hot dip, a healthy powder-coat is applied which gives the steel that great, sleek, black finish. The powder coat also adds an additional layer of protection in the battle against the elements.

Stainless-Steel Hardware

The final touches are made with stainless steel nuts & bolts that don’t rust and out-last inferior fixings. Regular steel hardware can rust quickly and present safety issues when the rust really sets in. Mega Slam want your outdoor basketball hoop to last for a lifetime. That’s why every Mega Slam comes with a lifetime warranty.

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