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Maximum Versatility and Durability

New sports, games, and other forms of recreation are constantly appearing. You need maximum versatility and durability when adding or refurbishing recreation facilities like outdoor basketball courts, tennis courts, or gym floors so you can keep up with the changes and support your local community by meeting their needs.
Sport Court recreational areas can also be modified quickly and easily to support local sporting events.

But what if you could also add performance, safety, and eco-friendly materials all while keeping your maintenance costs low? With Sport Court outdoor surfaces, you can. The design of your Sport Court can even be uniquely tailored to resonate with it’s users.


Additional benefits

As a recognised Sport Court installer we can install high-performance courts quickly and efficiently without adhesives. We also combine the safest court technology in the world with eco-friendly materials to make your court areas the best for your communities and the environment.


Any game can get rough, but Sport Court is built to be the Safest Court in the World™. With Sport Court patented Lateral Forgiveness™ and superior shock absorption, our courts can handle any fall that comes their way.

Built for the Love of the Game

Ready to experience the safest court in the world™?