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Break-away action from a full 180° makes the MegaSlam Pro Rim the most pro you’ll find. Directional Flex® Technology allows the 180° Pro Rim® to flex in any direction away from the backboard just like rims in pro leagues. The Recessed Hideaway Net® attachment protects your hands when jamming (Patent pending).

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MegaSlam offer a lifetime warranty for all play related incidents, and a one-time replacement guarantee for non-play related incidents. Learn more.

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Introducing the Game Light® from MegaSlam Hoops. A powerful LED lighting system that lights up your game without drawing a foul on your energy bill. 

Mega Slam Hoops - Sport Court UK - Mega Slam 72

Mega Slam 72

Regulation 6' Backboard
£ 2499
  • 72" Backboard
  • 180° Pro Rim™ (Directional Flex® Technology)
  • 8 x 6"
  • 338 kg
  • 48" Overhang
  • 5-10' Height Adjustment
  • 12 Base Gussets
Mega Slam 60 Hoop System - Sport Court UK

Mega Slam 60

Compact 5' Backboard
£ 1999
  • 60" Backboard
  • 180° Pro Rim™ (Directional Flex® Technology)
  • 6 x 6"
  • 272 kg
  • 36" Overhang
  • 5-10' Height Adjustment
  • 12 Base Gussets
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a specific question about Mega Slam Hoops products, delivery or installation? If you can’t find the answer below, we’re here to help. Contact us via email at info@sportcourt.uk or telephone on 01962 809206 

What makes Mega Slam Hoops the best?

Mega Slam Hoops builds the highest-quality residential basketball systems in the world. Incorporating superior materials and advanced engineering techniques to deliver a product that will stand the test of time. Learn more about mighty Mega Slam Hoops products below.

Which basketball hoop is best for me?

Choosing the best hoop for all your needs depends on the size of your playing area and your budget. Since all Mega Slam Hoop products are designed to last a lifetime, it’s only a matter of regulation sized 72″ backboard or the slightly smaller, and less expensive 60″ model. The 2 models can be seen side by side in the comparison above.

Can Mega Slam Hoops survive the Great British weather?

Yes, Mega Slam Hoops are engineered to be as weather-resistant as possible. In-ground systems are hot-dip galvanized, which makes the rust protection 10-15 times thicker and more rust-resistant than the competition. A powder coating to all the steel adds a further layer of corrosion protection. Mega Slam Hoops provide stainless steel hardware to prevent rusty nuts and bolts. Learn more about Mega Slam Hoop’s strong resistance to the good old British weather..

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What is the adjustable height range on the MegaSlam in-ground basketball systems?

Mega Slam adjustable basketball systems are made for all ages and skill levels. The height range can be adjusted anywhere from 1.5m to 3.04m. Both systems incorporate a safety pin which when engaged, will prevent the hoops from lowering beyond 2.28m.

MegaSlam - Pros of all sizes

How do I install a basketball hoop system?

From Planning To Slamming In A Few Simple Steps. 

You can install your own Mega Slam hoop or find a professional installer to help you. The backboards and basketball systems are heavy, so if you’re up for the challenge of installing it yourself, make sure you have some friends along to help you get the job done.

Learn more about installing a Mega Slam Hoop or contact info@sportcourt.uk to arrange an installation.

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