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The Slam 72 in-Ground Basketball Hoop

The MegaSlam 72″ Basketball Hoop System is hands down the best height adjustable basketball hoop system available in the UK.

Mega Slam Pro Rim Directional Flex

180° Pro Rim® Upgrade As Standard

The pro-style rim offers break-away action from a full 180°. Directional Flex® Technology allows for slam dunks in all directions. Recessed Hideaway Net® attachment protects your hands when jamming.

72″ Pro Backboard

A regulation, ½-inch thick tempered glass backboard provides maximum ball response at full size 72″ wide. Unobstructed clear-view backboard design.

MegaSlam - No Break Backboard Protection Plan

No Break Backboard Protection

Play related breaks will never happen, so there’s a lifetime warranty for all play related incidents. Sometimes things go wrong and the MegaSlam’s tempered glass backboard can break. Sport Court UK offer a one-time replacement guarantee for non-play related incidents.

Easy Height Adjustment

The Mega Slam 72 lowers from regulation 10-feet all the way down to 5-feet, enabling pros of all sizes to dunk all day long.

MegaSlam - Easy Height Adjustment
MegaSlam - Strong Base

Solid Base

The main pole of the Mega Slam 72 is reinforced with 12 gussets, dwarfing the competition in strength.

All Weather Protection

Every Mega Slam Hoop comes ready for scorching summers, rainy springs, and frozen winters with hot-dipped galvanised steel and stainless steel hardware. Standard.

Mega Slam Hoops - All Weather Protection
MegaSlam Hoops - Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

Mega Slam Hoops stand behind their basketball systems and guarantee great performance for a lifetime of play – all the way down to the nuts and bolts.

What's in the Box?

From hassle free shopping and delivery to years of guaranteed play, Mega Slam Hoops deliver the best possible experience.

  • Rust-resistant galvanised steel
  • 2" Thick custom-fitted pole padding
  • Gusset padding
  • Backboard padding
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Heavy duty anchor kit with 4 J-bolts & rebar
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • No-break backboard protection
  • 8" x 6" monster-sized, 5-gauge steel main pole
  • Regulation-sized 72”-wide backboard with ½”- thick tempered glass
  • 180° Pro Flex Rim with multi-directional break-away design
  • 1 UV coated net
  • Upper and lower adjustable steel arms
  • 2 lift-assist cylinders
  • Height actuator and adjustable crank
  • 1” - thick backboard padding

Upgrade Your Ultimate System

Light up the night with the Game Light® from Mega Slam Hoops. A powerful LED lighting system that lights up your game without drawing a foul on your energy bill. 

MegaSlam Installation

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Mega Slam Hoops - Warranty

Lifestyle Warranty

Backed by a limited lifetime warranty.
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