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Mini tennis to Volleyball with a Full Basketball Key

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30x50 Multi-Sport Court - Basketball, Racket Sports & Volleyball

Multi Sport Garden Court

Precision concrete sub-base construction, PowerGame Sports Surface with Sport Court SlamSystem and Multi-Sport Net System. Complete custom court designed, built and installed by Sport Court UK.

Change it Up with the Multi-Sport Net System

Raise or lower this net without missing a serve. The easy to use pulley and crank system allows for easy transitions between racket sports in a matter of minutes. The net goes further up for volleyball and can be removed in seconds. Designed with a range of sports in mind, the intuitive construction of these nets accommodates all your multi-sports needs.

Home Multi-Sport Court Construction - Sport Court UK

Precision Finished Concrete Court Base

Maintenance free reinforced concrete slab integrating the Mega Slam Hoop System. Our ground-works team achieved exceptional flatness tolerances to fully exploit the benefits of PowerGame court surfaces. Multi Sport Courts stacks up for fun and finance in the long term.

Residential Multi-Sport Courts - Sport Court UK
Residential Multi-Sport Courts - Sport Court UK
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Precision steel reinforced concrete pads built for PowerGame+‘s unparalleled safety.

Sport Court® PowerGame is the Safest Court in the World. Designed for athletes. 

Mega Slam Hoop with Multi-Sport Net System. Rapid game changes without missing a shot.

Play all night with the Mega Slam Game Light. Compatible with both Mega Slam Hoops 60″ and 72″.

30x50 Multi-Sport Court - Basketball, Racket Sports & Volleyball - Dimensions

Build Your Multi Sport Court