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Outdoor Sports Flooring Engineered for Athletes

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Leading Outdoor Sport Court Surface

Champions have been made on Sport Court® flooring for more than 40 years since 1974. Sport Court® pioneered the concept of the backyard game court, and PowerGame™ continues to lead the world in modular sports flooring. Modular polypropylene outdoor court tile with an interlocking male peg and female loop system with fully adjustable court sizes designed for multi-sport activities.

Sports Flooring Designed For Athletes

Athletes develop skills on our high performance surface, unleashing their full potential. An unmatched combination of shock absorption, traction, ball response and low skin abrasion. Conventional hard courts increase the risk of injuries. High-impact polypropylene PowerGame+™ tiles provide comfort and protection for athletes. The patented double tier shock absorbing grid makes PowerGame+™ the safest modular outdoor sports surface, reducing the likelihood of stress fractures and concussions and prevent damage from overuse and joint stress injuries.

Approved Multi Sport Court Tiles

Modular sports flooring designed in conjunction with the world’s leading sports organisations to deliver on athlete safety and performance. Sport Court® have provided sports surfacing and court flooring for organisations including the NCAA®, USA Volleyball®,  USTA®, FIFA ®, FIVB®, FIBA® and numerous others.


PowerGame+™ is The World's Safest Outdoor Court Surface

  • Patented Shock Absorption

Patented double-tier shock absorbing grid designed for greater cushioning

  • Low Skin Abrasion Cut Down on Cuts

Demonstrates the lowest skin abrasion of any outdoor court surface

  • Patented Lateral Forgiveness™

Advanced Lateral Forgiveness™ technology to reduce joint strain and fatigue

"Unfortunately, when you are 8 or 9 years old, sometimes you fall. Sport Court courts allow kids to get right back up and keep playing."
Virgil Christiansen
Director of Community Tennis, USTA®