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16x30 Multi-Sport Court Futsal & Racket Sports

from £14,695.00

PowerGame™ Mini Multi-Sport Court featuring portable 6×4′ Aluminium Futsal Goals & Premium Portable Multi-Sport Net System. Price includes concrete Sub-base construction and installation of PowerGame™ sports surface and court components.

Dimensions: 9.4m x 5.13m

16x30 Multi-Sport Court Futsal & Racket Sports - Concrete Court Base Construction

Precision Concrete Sub-Base

Precision steel reinforced concrete pads built for PowerGame’s unparalleled safety.


*Price Subject to Site Survey

16x30 Multi-Sport Court Futsal & Racket Sports - PowerGame Surface

PowerGame™ Sports Surface

The World's Safest Outdoor Court Surface. Designed for athletes.


Weather-Proof Aluminium Futsal Goal x2 6x4

Premium Court Components

Portable Multi-Sport Net System and Weathe-Proof Aluminium Futsal Goals.


*Includes 2 x Full Size Aluminium Futsal Goals

  • Precision Concrete Sub-Base:

Precision steel reinforced concrete pads built for PowerGame‘s unparalleled safety.

  • Athletic flooring

Sport Court® PowerGame is the Safest Court in the World. Designed for athletes. 

  • Sports Components:

Mega Slam Hoop with Multi-Sport Net System. Rapid game changes without missing a shot.

  • Lighting:

Play all night with optional Luna Court Neon Lighting Technology and the Mega Slam Game Light.

16x30 Multi-Sport Court Futsal & Racket Sports - Dimensions

Site Survey for Your Court

Sport Court UK begin the court building process by surveying the property where you want you court. Factors such as access and drainage can have a big impact on timing and price.

A site survey can last up to 30 mins. Our survey team will take measurements and where necessary ground samples will be taken.

It can be useful if you’re able to attend the Site Survey as it’s also a good opportunity to discuss your court with us in person.

Learn more about the Ste Survey and what to expect in our Residential Courts FAQ Page.

16x30 Multi-Sport Court Futsal & Racket Sports - Side

Court Enquiry Form

Please provide some details below and we’ll be in touch or if you prefer to call us on 01962 809206 or email info@sportcourt.uk.

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PowerGame™ Technical Specifications

PowerGame™ is the leading custom engineered outdoor modular court system with a lightly textured surface providing superior dry traction and low skin abrasion. Manufactured with the highest quality materials and UV stabilizers.


Color Consistency: ECMC < 1.0

Weight: 0.70 lbs. (315 grams) Packaging: Product is shipped in pre-assembled sheets (2×4 modules per sheet, 5 sheets per box).

Load Bearing Capacity: 170 psi (1.17MPa) I.

Court Pace Classification: (ITF) Category 5 – Fast

Material Test Results

1. Rockwell hardness: (ASTM D 785) 65 R

2. Heat deflection: (ASTM D 648 @ 66 psi) 85°C (ISO 75B-1, -2 @ 40.45 MPa): 73°C Unannealed

3. Tensile Yield Strength: (ASTM D 638) 3,000psi (ISO 527-1, -2) 20 MPa

4. Elongation at Yield: (ASTM D 638) 5% (ISO 527-1, -2) 5%

5. Notched Izod: (ASTM D 256) No break at 23°C (ISO 180) 31kJ/m2

6. Charpy Notched Impact: (ISO 179 @ 23°C) 26kJ/m2

7. Density: (ASTM D 792) 0.902 specific gravity 23/23°C (ISO 1183 @ 23°C) 0.90 g/cm3

Product Test Results

1. Friction: (ASTM C1028) Dry: 0.65 (EN 13036-4) Dry: 103

2. Vertical Ball Behavior: (EN 12235:2004) Tennis: 93%

3. Angled Ball Behavior: (EN 14877:2006) Tennis: 50 Fast

4. Permeability: (EN 12616) >2000 mm/h

5. Flatness: 0.0” (0.0mm)

6. Lateral Forgiveness™: +0.065” / -0” (+1.65mm / -0mm)

Sanitary Information

1. Resistance to fungi (when tested in compliance with ASTM G-21 and MIL standard 810-D procedure 508.3). All basic organisms tested (ATCC #6205-11797) and were found to have zero growth.

2. Resistance to the following: a. Bacteria and mildew resistance b. Gram-positive bacterial Staphylococcus Aureus c. Gram-negative Klebsiella Pneumoniae d. Pink-staining organism e. STV Reticulum f. Surface fungi growth prior to and following leaching

PowerGame™ Courts Frequently Asked Questions

Concrete is the best sub-base for PowerGame™ courts. Flat and level concrete maximises the unparalleled safety and performance of PowerGame™ surfaces. If you have a tarmac, asphalt or similar existing hardstand such as an old tennis court, we can assess suitability during your site survey.

Yes you can. But please read the sub-base guidelines and most importantly, ensure your sub-base surface is within the flatness tolerance of 3.2mm in every 3m radius. Sport Court UK advise all customers that it’s best to conduct a site survey where we can ascertain the suitability of your existing surface.

Yes, PowerGame™ is one of the lowest maintenance sports surfaces available. the World’s leading modular sports surface doesn’t crack or need resurfacing every few years like asphalt and acrylic courts. The open grid design allows water and detritus to fall through to the sub-base. Moss and algae will struggle to grow on PowerGame™. One of the best ways of keeping our courts clean is to wait for the inevitable British rain.

PowerGame™ is covered by a 10 year warranty. Our courts will last longer than inferior competitors surfaces. Many PowerGame™ courts laid in the 1980’s are still in use today.

PowerGame™ is recommended by a host of global sports governing bodies. FIFA use it for outdoor Futsal. FIBA 3×3 competitions are played on PowerGame™. It’s the only court surface approved by FIVB for outdoor volleyball. The ITF rate PowerGame™ as a fast surface, similar to American hard courts.

Wheelchair sports can be played on our surfaces as can roller and inline hockey.


Accidents can happen and cause damage to the modular sports surface. The damaged section can be easily removed and replaced with minimal tooling.

16x30 Multi-Sport Court Futsal & Racket Sports
16×30 Multi-Sport Court Futsal & Racket Sports
from £14,695.00