Spalding® NBA Beast Portable Basketball Hoop System


The Spalding® NBA Beast Portable Basketball System will work with you, help you achieve your best and give you strength and endurance to keep on playing. With a glass backboard for the ultimate bounce and easy mobility for storage during the off-season, this portable system lets the game move with you.

  • 60mm thick tempered glass backboard
  • Screw Jack lift system. All-weather net
  • Base system to hold 216 litres of sand or water

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Spalding® NBA Beast Portable Basketball Hoop System

The Spalding® NBA Beast portable basketball system lets you play just like the pros thanks to a 60” transparent glass backboard and arena-grade Pro Image Breakaway rim with all-weather net providing solid durability and added stability. This NBA quality system guarantees supreme strength and mobility and offers a screw jack elevator system for easy height adjustment. This rim is the best that you will find on a portable basketball hoop and will handle high flying dunks due to its quality springs that are encased in a steel frame.

  • Backboard constructed of tempered glass 60mm thick (Tempered glass backboards perform significantly better than acrylic or polycarbonate)
  • Screw Jack lift system
  • All weather net
  • Base system to hold 216 litres of sand or water
  • Multi-wheeled
  • Heavy Duty Steel Frame
  • Easy to move
  • Extra Large – for the real NBA experience at home
  • Offers superior rebounding
  • NBA and Spalding® logotypes
  • One of the only portable basketball systems with a two piece support pole design which makes the system more stable will minimising vibrations during play
  • The Spalding® NBA Beast has the largest base that we have available on any portable basketball system making it as safe as possible

Waterproof and stainless, the system is suitable for heavy duty outdoor use and features a handle and multi-wheeled casters making it easy to move around. The Beast adjusts from 90-120” (7.5ft to 10ft or 228-305cm) enabling kids, teenagers and adults improve on shooting skills, jumping range and lay-up technique.

The Spalding® Beast takes your game to a whole new level. The system is able to withstand tough games and long-term use and its authentic design mimics high-end systems normally reserved for the pros.

The Spalding® NBA Beast is one of the few portable systems with such a robust counter-lever support system design.  When shots hit the backboard on this system it holds steady due to the four struts that extend from the support system to the back of the backboard. The base has two wheels and a semi-detachable handle that allows for easier moving making the Spalding® Beast a solid choice for those looking for a high quality hoop that might need to be moved around from time to time.

Spalding® NBA Beast Features

  • Two-part pole system (12.7cm edge length)
  • 60mm thick tempered glass backboard for superior rebound
  • Pro-image breakaway rim with wrap around support
  • Durable all weather net
  • Screw jack lift system provides infinite height adjustment from 2.28m to 3.05m
  • 2-piece, 12.7cm square steel pole for maximum stability
  • 5cm offset from the pole to the edge of the backboard
  • POWER MOVE® base system with the capacity to hold 216 litres of water or sand with screw in water level gauge base cap
  • 50+ Gallon capacity dual capacity base fills with water or sand for stability
  • Grey inset cover acts as a handle for pre-play movement and a rebounder during play
  • Assembling time approximately 3 hours

Spalding® NBA Beast Dimensions

  • Backboard size 152 x 91 cm
  • Basement size 135 x 85 cm
  • Total height 386 cm
  • Weight 162 kg

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The Spalding® Beast comes delivered in three large wooden pallet boxes. Surprisingly, the assembly is quite simple and easy. Make sure you have all of the recommended assembly tools so that you do not encounter any problems during the assembly.

We recommend that two people assemble this hoop system due to the weight of several components. With two full grown adults the system should be able to be assembled in about 3 hours.

Expansion Options

Combine this Spalding® Beast with a customised basketball court kit for the complete outdoor game court. If you own a tennis court, the Spalding® Beast is the perfect addition to convert your existing tennis court into a multi-use games area. 


Hire this Spalding® Beast as part of a Sport Court UK basketball event hire package.

Learn more about the Spalding® NBA Beast at Spalding.com, our preferred supplier of the very best basketball equipment.


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