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Unparalleled Safety Meets Pro-Level Performance

Futsal is the exciting, fast-paced football game originating from South America back in the 1930s. Futsal is played around the globe and is the officially recognised format for small scale football by the FA, UEFA and FIFA. Played on a hard court and focusing on skill and technique, futsal is perfect for backyard PowerGame+™ courts where unparalleled safety meets pro-level performance. 

Nke Futsal on Sport Court PowerGame+

Many of the World’s top footballers credit futsal with their development into global stars. South American legends Pele, Zico, Ronaldinho and Kaka all played and enjoyed Futsal. In European football Cristiano Ronaldo, Iniesta, Xavi and Fabregas and many others played Futsal to develop their skills.


PowerGame™ Provides the Perfect Start for Aspiring Stars

Recognised by the FA as a great tool for developing young talent, Futsal provides a solid foundation to any young player. Able to train with greater intensity for longer periods, our forgiving yet precise Futsal surface creates champions. 

One disadvantage with Futsal is the indoor nature of the game. Sweaty old sports halls are not the most engaging of spaces and even the best outdoor grass pitches don’t provide enough consistency and control for Futsal. Asphalt and concrete and good for passing but hellish for shock injuries and abrasion.

White Gato on Sport Court PowerGame+

PowerGame+ provides the answer with unrivalled safety and performance, allowing aspiring Futsal legends and Premier League stars of tomorrow to unleash their full potential.

Multi Sport Futsal Basketball Courts

Velocity Training Club Vs Sport Court UK

Jamie Velocity Reynolds knows a thing or two about sports. Elite Nike Trainer and go-to fitness coach for many global sports stars, Jamie gets down at home on a PowerGame™ Futsal & Basketball Court from Sport Court UK, The World’s safest outdoor court surface. A monster Mega Slam 72 height adjustable Hoop System, Stainless Steel Edging and Luna Court Neon Lighting Upgrades = Dreamcourt. We can create Velocity Edition Courts in any size and shape.

28x36 Velocity Edition Futsal x 3x3 Basketball Key Court Large - Dimensions

Commercial Futsal Courts

As the official court supplier and a corporate partner of the U.S. Soccer Foundation®, Sport Court® build futsal courts in communities around the world. Head over to Commercial Futsal Courts for more info.

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Cristiano Ronaldo
Jamie Reynolds Cristiano Ronaldo - Velocity Futsal
Jamie Velocity Reynolds & Cristiano Ronaldo