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Pricing questions

Sport Courts can vary in cost based on a number of factors. Court size will have a big impact on cost. As will the components added to the court. 

Precision concrete court bases contribute significant costs to the total. 

Sport Court UK offer premium court upgrades such as Steel Edging strips and Luna Court Lighting.

The shop provides guide pricing for courts of many shapes and sizes. 

Lead time between initail contact and court completion is usually within 3-6 weeks, depending on the size of your court and the site logistics.

In most cases, sub-base construction takes approx 1 week.

Court and component installation will be completed within 1 day.

Getting Started - Site Surveys

We conduct a Site Survey for all of our prospective courts. Learn more about what’s involved in a Sport Court UK Site Survey.

Our site surveys are carried out at your property. Once you’ve enquired via our website, then you will be contacted by a member of our site survey team to schedule an appointment at your property. Site Surveys enable us to provide an accurate quote for ground-works. 

If you have an existing hardstand, we can assess it for suitability during the Site Survey.

Site Surveys enable Sport Court UK to accurately communicate cost to clients. Varying factors effect total costs and these need to be clarified before we produce a quote for your court project. 

If you have an existing hardstand, we will use the site survey to establish suitability and advise corrections where necessary.

We’ll be taking measurements and assessing the site logistics and ground conditions in order for us to confirm your sub-base cost. This can vary a little from-to-time if, for example, our construction process is slowed down by restricted access or very poor ground conditions.

Site Surveys last approximately 30 mins, depending on access, size and complexity.

Since most people work during the week, we can carry out a site survey with or without your attendance, providing someone can allow access to the property (and can point us to the area you are considering installing a Sport Court). 

Construction Questions

To maximise the benefits of PowerGame™ sports surfaces, courts must be laid on a very flat base, ideally constructed with reinforced concrete.

Yes you can, providing your contractor is able to meet the following minimum technical specifications. Our court surfaces should be installed on a steel float finished concrete slab. Our flatness tolerances are 3mm in any 3 metre radius of the court area and we install rebar reinforcements in accordance with our technical slab designs to ensure your sub-base is able to support the court components.

You can download a technical document on each product page that provides all of the necessary information to enable your existing builder or contractor to install a sub-base that is compliant with Sport Court UK’s court components and performance standards.

installation Questions

Sport Court Installation teams can install even the biggest of courts within 1 day. As soon as the install team have finished, the court wil lbe ready for play.