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Residential Courts for Families of Sport Fans

Residential Multi-Sport Areas, often called MUGAs or Multi-Use Games Areas, are the ideal solution for multi-sport activities at home. Families can enjoy a range of sports on the same court with the inclusion of multiple line markings and court components.

Unparalleled Outdoors Sport Safety

PowerGame+ offers unrivalled safety for you and your family to enjoy sports for hours on end. Patented lateral forgiveness, excellent impact attenuation and the lowest skin abrasion keep everyone safe and well on court.

Residential Multi-Sport Courts - Sport Court UK
Sport Court UK Multi-Sport Net System

Fast Transitions Between Favourite Sports

Your home multi-use games area can grow with your family by including adjustable court components and sports development line markings. Mini tennis lines incorporated into a full size tennis court ensure young tennis fans can learn as they grow with the court. Mega Slam Hoops and Multi-Sport Net Systems enable fast transitions between family favourites and provide a great learning curve for aspiring athletes.

Durable Multi Sport Game lines

Our residential multi-use sport courts are installed with pre-painted game lines which will long outlast conventional court markings. Our design team can help match tile and line colours to provide your family with a robust sports surface which will remain strong and vibrant for years to come. Spend less time on maintenance and more time with your family.

30x50 Multi-Sport Court - Basketball, Racket Sports & Volleyball - Dimensions

Jamie Velocity Reynolds knows a thing or two about sports. Elite Nike Trainer and go-to fitness coach for many global sports stars, Jamie gets down at home on a PowerGame+™ Futsal & Basketball Court from Sport Court UK, The World’s safest outdoor court surface. A monster Mega Slam 72 height adjustable Hoop System, Stainless Steel Edging and Luna Court Neon Lighting Upgrades = Dreamcourt. 

28x36 Velocity Edition Futsal x 3x3 Basketball Key Court Large - Dimensions
Jamie Reynolds Cristiano Ronaldo - Velocity Futsal
Jamie Velocity Reynolds & Cristiano Ronaldo

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