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Save Time and Money with a PowerGame+™ Tennis Court

PowerGame+™ modular tile is the cutting edge way to resurface an old tennis court. This modular tile overlay will prevent your court from ever needing a traditional resurface in the future. It is ITF rated, USTA and USPTA approved with a fifteen-year warranty.

Reduce Stress On Joints

Sport Court® PowerGame+™ suspended surface is the safest court in the world™. Unparalleled safety far exceeds any cushioned acrylic tennis surface by ensuring a higher level of shock absorption and Lateral Forgiveness™ to reduce stress on your joints and back. Our tennis courts reduce the likelihood of a head injury from impact according to testing based on the Head Injury Criterion (HIC). Kids can play more adventurously and athletes can train harder and longer on PowerGame+™’s impact reducing surface.

Low Maintenance, Self-Draining

No resurfacing, repainting or need to squeegee off a Sport Court® suspended tennis court surface. The low maintenance, self-draining surface stays clean by allowing water, dirt and debris to drain through.  Our surface will not flake, blister or peal due to excessive water saturation.

Before Tennis Court Resurfacing
After Tennis Court Resurfacing
  • ITF rated, USTA and USPTA approved
  • Simple installation over existing courts
  • 15 Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Comparable bounce to hard courts
  • Permanent or portable
  • Low maintenance
  • Low life cycle cost vs. traditional surfaces

Tennis Court Life Cycle Costs comparison

Download our ‘Tennis Court Costs’ PDF detailing how cost-effective PowerGame™ sport tiles are as a tennis court resurfacing solution. We’ve measured the cost of resurfacing a tennis court over 15 years and as you can see below, Sport Court® comes out looking very favourable when you consider the addition safety, aesthetic and performance benefits of PowerGame™ modular tiles. Traditional tennis courts need resurfacing every 4-6 years but with the PowerGame™ modular tile, resurfacing will be unnecessary. 

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Refresh Your Tired Old Tennis Court with PowerGame+™