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Mini tennis provides an excellent introduction to tennis for kids between 3 and 10 years old.

Children will soon develop a love for the game with mini tennis. Smaller courts, rackets and nets together with softer, lower bouncing balls make tennis accessible to young children. PowerGame+™ Mini Tennis Courts provide unparalleled safety for budding champions and our striking colours and custom court designs will enrich their engagement in the sport. Mini residential tennis courts are available as small as 9.5 x 6.4m.

Mini Tennis Red

Mini Tennis Red is played by those aged 8 and under. Players use soft balls and short rackets and the game is often played on an adapted badminton court. Court dimensions between 11-12m long by 5.5-6m wide. The net is set at 80cm in height and the foam ball used is 75% slower than a regular tennis ball. Mini Red Tennis players should be encouraged to play fun games in doubles or singles keeping the matches short by using tie-break scoring.


Mini Tennis Orange

Mini Tennis Orange is great for continuing young player development. Players aged 8-9 years progress onto a larger court measuring 18m x 6.5m. The net remains at 80cm but the orange ball is only 50% slower than a tennis ball.

Mini Tennis Green

Mini Tennis Green sees players aged 9-10 progress to play on full sized tennis courts with green balls which are just 25% slower than yellow tennis balls. Net height is adjusted to regulation 91.4cm.

Tennis Court

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