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From Inspiration to Installation in 3 Key Steps

The Sport Court Process will help you understand what goes into every new Sport Court project. The 3 step process is the cornerstone of our service, providing safe and stylish sport courts to homes and businesses throughout the UK.

1. Design

Fully customised courts uniquely tailored to fit any home. Durable multi-sport game lines, logos and artwork.

Our in-house design team create engaging, modern and dynamic custom courts. Choose from 23 colours of sport flooring tiles and endless custom paint options, from logos to portraits. Multi-use sport courts designed for your sports. Basketball and volleyball, tennis with Futsal or as many sports as possible. All our game lines our hand-painted with durable, long-lasting and vibrant paints.

Technical Drawings & 3D Renders

Our designers work from the ground up, providing accurate and informative technical drawings to our court construction crews. For self-build clients, drawings are available for required ground-works to prepare sub-bases for court and component installation.

Mega Slam Hoops at Sport Court UK

Sport Court UK proudly present the ultimate home basketball hoop. Made for pros of all sizes and built to slam. The Mega Slams are hands down the best height adjustable basketball hoop systems available in the UK.

Mega Slam Hoops - Basketball Hoop Systems - Sport Court UK

2. Construction

Precision steel reinforced concrete pads built specifically to take full advantage of PowerGame™’s unparalleled safety. 

To ensure you get the best out of your PowerGame™ court, the tiles must be laid on a very flat concrete surface. Minimum flatness tolerances should be within 3.2mm in every 3m radius. Courts within this limit take full advantage of PowerGame™’s unrivalled safety benefits. Flawed sub-bases transfer faults into the court surface with deadspots disrupting ball response and stability underfoot.

Sport Court UK court construction crews are able to prepare incredibly level concrete court bases well within the 3.2mm flatness tolerance. Our professional, diligent ground-workers offer complete court building services from initial site survey, spoil removal, concrete pour and surface preparation ready for your PowerGame™ sport court.

If you have a preferred contractor able to match our precision slabs, our design team can provide accurate technical drawings and concrete specifications to ensure your slab matches our exacting standards.

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PowerGame™ is The World's Safest Outdoor Court Surface

  • Patented Shock Absorption

Patented double-tier shock absorbing grid designed for greater cushioning

  • Low Skin Abrasion Cut Down on Cuts

Demonstrates the lowest skin abrasion of any outdoor court surface

  • Patented Lateral Forgiveness™

Advanced Lateral Forgiveness™ technology to reduce joint strain and fatigue

3. Installation

Sport Court UK are experts in the installation of modular sports flooring, court components and fixtures.

Sport Court UK install courts nationwide as part of our complete home and business court installation services. Installations are completed with an eye for detail by well trained and highly skilled teams. Working from detailed and accurate drawings produced in the design phase, our fully managed projects are rapidly transformed from bare slab to stunning court on install day.

Court tiles and components are checked one last time before we sign off on your new court.

Find more information about the excitement of install day in our Installation FAQ.

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